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The courts must be booked through ClubSpark and the following guidelines must be followed. These are informed by the Government and the LTA and may change. In addition to the information below, there is further guidance for playing tennis during the lockdown and keeping safe in general in the updated attachments. Members will receive an email invite to join ClubSpark. Please contact Maria if you have joined but not received an invite or if you need any help with ClubSpark.

   No one should attend the Tennis Club or courts if they or someone they live with or have    been in contact with, develops symptoms of COVID -19 (new continuous cough, temperature   >37.8°C or loss of taste/smell). They must follow the NHS and PHE guidance on self-   isolation    https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-stay-at-home-guidance

  1. Both courts will be open from 8am to 9pm, with the last court booking at 8pm. The courts are available to be booked in one hour slots, with a maximum of two hours per day. Members are free to continue playing on court if no one else is waiting to play. At present, there are no restrictions on how many days in a week you can book courts. There are some restrictions on the days/times available (see below). When you book, you will be given the code for the lock. This is changed regularly.
  2. The Community Centre (and toilets) will remain closed until further notice.
  3. Members/visitors will need to bring their own refreshments.
  4. Members/visitors will need to bring their own balls and rackets.
  5. Both singles play and doubles play is now permitted with people from outside of your household, as long as you remain 2 metres apart as far as possible – meaning that four people from different households can now play doubles.
  6. Players do not now need to use their own clearly marked tennis balls – however, if you choose to use shared balls then extra care must be taken to ensure you do not touch your face during play, and you should clean your hands before play and immediately after finishing (use alcohol gel if required)
  7. Other than where players are from the same household: Stay at least two metres away from other players (including during play, when taking breaks and before and after play) . Do not make physical contact with other players (such as shaking hands or high five). Avoid chasing the ball down to another court if other players are using it . For doubles, consider agreeing in advance which player will take the shot if a ball travels to the centre of the court .For coached sessions, pay careful attention to the instructions of the coach
  8. Please arrive 10 minutes before your booked time and wait on the grassy areas for players to come off the court.
  9. Do not use the club’s car park. Please park on the road and use the small metal gate on the right of the entrance to access the grounds by foot, adhering to social distancing. The small gate needs to remain open to reduce handling.
  10. Please use the hand gel on the court gate before you use the lock and again when leaving.
  11. If you are the last ones on the courts and no one is waiting, please ensure you lock the court.
  12. Spectators are not allowed unless they are there as a carer or a parent/guardian.
  13. -Junior visitors must be supervised by a parent/guardian
  14.  Do not congregate on or around the court before and after play

     15- If anyone who has played at the club develops symptoms of COVID-19, follow the Government’s ‘test and trace’ guidelines, which can be read on the Gov.uk website

  1. -Court rental and coaching activity is limited for groups of no more than six people (inc coach)

Court restrictions (subject to change)

Members only: Wednesday evenings 6pm to 9pm (both courts)

Members only: All day Sunday (both courts)

Bolton League players: Monday evenings 6pm to 9pm (both courts)

Ladies Team matches: Tuesday evenings 6pm to 9pm (both courts)

Mixed Team matches: Thursdays 6pm to 9pm (both courts)

Open Division matches: Saturdays 1pm to 6pm (both courts)

Members and visitors: All other times

Thank you for adhering to the guidelines and helping to keep playing tennis safe during this time. We hope you enjoy your game and look forward to returning to a fully sociable game soon.

Darwen Tennis Club Committee

Membership of Darwen Tennis Club is open to anyone wishing to play tennis.
Membership will run from the 1st March each year.

2021 Subscription:


£95 (if one or more clean-up dates attended and paid before the 30.4)

£105 (non-attendance at clean-up dates and paid by before the 30/4)

£120 (all members regardless of any deductions if paid after the first match fixture)

If members of another club, there are two options for the reduced membership plan:

1) Pay £30 upfront and £2 per match fees 
2) Pay £5 x 10 matches and thereafter £2 match fees ( £5 is £3 membership plus £2 match fees)

Both options pay visitors’ fees. 

Student: £40 Junior: £35

Please note: £5 from student and junior subscriptions if paid on or before 30th April 2021

Special offer to adults who have not been a member previously: £50

Family membership for new members*:

A) £50 1 parent + 1 child

B) £70 2 parents + 1 child

C) £100 2 parents + 2 children

*This subscription is only valid whilst playing as a combination of parent and child as per your membership.
For example:

with membership C) one parent and one child can play or two parents and one child, but not two parents and no children.

with membership B) one parent and one child can play, but not two parents and no child.

If the family membership you purchase does not apply to the people who are playing on court (eg, you have membership A) and you wish 2 parents and 1 child to pay), you can pay visitors’ fees for the extra person.

Membership subscription may be paid to:

Mrs S Haworth, 45 Priory Drive, Darwen, BB3 3PT or online. Please email Maria Melia for bank details.

You do not have to be a member to play tennis on the courts.
To book a court, you will need to register with ClubSpark and pay online.
Visitors' fees per hour:

Adult £10
Junior £6  (to book a court for a junior, please ring Pete Aspin 07934 063543 or Maria Melia 0744 624 0558).



Darwen Tennis Club is extremely grateful to all those "friends of the club" who are in the hundred club and support the club.

If you wish to join the hundred club please contact any member of the committee who will give you a direct debit form with the club's bank details. The cost is £2 per month and you will, by joining, become a social member of the club. Monthly prize draws are made and the winners published on this page. We also have an annual grand prize drawn at the "Christmas Cheer" social event at the beginning of December.

You can also just become a social member by paying an annual subscription of £12


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